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We have built SoilTrace software to assist environmental and soil management teams to remain compliant by digitally tracking soil movement and keeping all records at one’s fingertips.

This software was purpose-built in response to Ontario Regulation 406/16, which requires all soil movements to be traced and documented.

  • Automatically trace soil movement in real time, providing compliant soil log report
  • Accommodate multiple points of view:
    a. Project manager
    b. Qualified person
    c. Soil Engineer and Tester
    d. Hauling manager,
    e. Hauling driver
    f. Receiving site manager
  • Store soil movement records indefinitely
  • Capture soil tests, soil rejects, and soil movement redirects.
  • Open API interface to integrate with other soil movement software on the market.
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Hyper-converged Infrastructure

What is SoilTrace?

A unified online platform for all your excavation, earthwork, and soil movement operations.

Why SoilTrace?


Start your project immediately with simple navigation.

Digital Reporting

Effortlessly fulfill compliance and operational demands.

Real-time Site & Soil Information

Real-time visibility without the need to be on-site.

Teams work together

Allow teams from different companies to work from one central hub

Additional Capabilities of SoilTrace Tailored for Earthworks

Explore how SoilTrace’s soil tracking software can enhance the efficiency of your site operations.

Enhance decision-making with live data

Streamline earthworks tracking and management, eliminating the need for paper-based reporting and manual reconciliation.

Enhance supervision and minimize liability risk

Thorough data gathering to guarantee precision and reliability.
Enhance supervision and minimize liability risk

Achieve transparency in project earthworks

Utilize project dashboards for more precise budgeting and timelines.

Minimize the risk of site contamination

Efficiently oversee incoming materials through digital ticketing and a multi-level verification.
Minimize the risk of site contamination

How SoilTrace Works?

Works with all form factors:

Works with all form factors:

Mobile, tablet, and desktop devices without the need for downloads.


Granular control over which users can access and see which data

Start Using Right Away

Start Using Right Away

Set up your site and train your team within minutes.



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